Why Build a Website for your Business in 2019?

by | Jul 29, 2019

Having a Website. Why does it matter?

Before learning why should you Build a Website right now, let me first tell you a little story. One day John needed a new phone. What he did almost without thinking was visiting an apple store. The store’s layout was cool, and the lights were good. You would say he liked the overall store’s atmosphere. The staff was in fact nice and with a nice un-fabricated smile, ready to help him find the right product. But John was in fact careless. He only cared for the iPhone that was going to become quite soon his very own property.

Now John had just one thing in mind while thinking to buy a new phone. He did not search for a Samsung, a Nokia or even an HTC, which are quite reputable companies don’t you think? iPhone is a phone with a reputation in John’s mind. It gives him the sort of prestige you have when you’re owning a Ferrari. After all, in his mind he got the jackpot. The best or nothing. But is the iPhone really worth it? Who cares? John does not. He has an image in his mind about the product and he is only going to respect that. Not me, not you, no one’s opinions.

 The image of Prestige that John has in his mind is nothing more than a mere projection of the Brand Image Apple has managed to create and distribute along the years since its conception. The look, the felling you get owing an iPhone, the Prestige associated with it, the social class you’re adhering at, all makes you subconsciously choose Apple above any other company. Just because it feels the right choice.

 Why build a website for your company? Because you need to create an image of consistency, professionalism and comfort in the minds of your clients. You want your product or service to feel the right choice for them. You want them to twit and scream your product around the office building they work in, brag about it to their friends and sell it to their mamma. You’ can’t do it with a second-class website, that doesn’t even show right on a phone, can you?

 Build a Website now if you want to have a head start in your business!

Building a Great Website Boosts your Brand Image

You may thing of the brand image as the first thing of feeling it gets in your mind when you think of your business. Building a website really helps you a lot in helping you communicate the right feeling to your customers. Think of your website as your storefront or your business card, maybe.

Is your website sloppy? Now, that’s a reason for a new customer to immediately raise a red flag concerning your products or services. Check the grammar or spelling mistakes in this article you’re reading right now. How does it make you feel about my business? Is your website outdated? Imagine you’re going to a dentist that has 100-years-old equipment. You’ll storm the building right away. How about entering an empty store? That’s happening when you’re building a website and your fail to deliver content that would certainly serve your customers and increase your brand image.

Build a Website today, don’t just stand there. Opportunities are passing you by each and every minute. What are you going to do about it?


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