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Our Values

Should you choose to work with us, you’ll surely get to appreciate the values that are at the core of our business. We know they are important so we’re happy you finally meet us.

Honor God

We recognize God as the Creator and the Sustainer of life and according to what the Bible teaches us, we want to honor God in everything that we do.

Deliver Excellence

Excellence is not just a word that we like to use, but something we strive to achieve, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Invest in People

People are at the core of any successful business. We know that we cannot do anything without great people. Since we recognize this aspect, we’re ready to help our employees thrive in every aspect of their lives, not just in the professional one.

Make Profit

To be able to continue serving customers like you, with excellence, we need to pay our employees, making sure that our firm generates enough profit to continue our business operations and activities for years to come, ensuring a sustainable growth. 

Our Awesome Team



Founder & CEO

It doesn’t matter if you want to build a 5G network on the moon or a radio station at the North Pole. This guy can really help you reinvent the reality and live your dreams to the maximum.



Founder & CTO

Quite a capable programmer with godly debugging skills. He’s very keen on achieving perfection and top-notch quality, at any cost.



Design Expert

If you think you have seen perfection, you should see this guy’s work. Creativity can be described in figures, images and so on, but wait until you see his astonishing masterpieces.



SEO Specialist

This guy will make you look good on search platforms in no time.



Design Expert

A solid member of the team, who enjoys his time perfecting gigs to the last pieces, finding solutions to the impossible.

Open position

Open position

Future members wanted

Creative and nice person.

Things We Can Do for you

Brand Design & Strategy

At Isidor’s Software Solutions we are keen on delivering exhaustive use-case driven designs by carefully planning each and every step, having the end user in mind. Usable. Intuitive. Unique.



We build our projects around Business Domain Model Schema, a crucial factor for crafting a great development strategy that can help you gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage.


Need help with your current project ?  Get in touch with us and we will get back to you in no time.  Don’t let another day stand before you and your Greatness.

Web Development

At we try to make the best use of the newest technologies that fit your needs perfectly and serve best for implementing the optimal business solution that really fits you. It fits like a glove, right?

Mobile Apps Development

We are always doing our best to craft Unique Mobile apps that feel and look the same on both iOS and Android. Should you need Native Development as well, we got your back.


At Isidor’s Software Solutions we really value our client’s opinion. Please feel free to tell us your own ideas, dreams and vision and we will make it happen!


Our SEO Specialist will bring your searches to the next level. Let there be light on you clients path to your online business. 


Successfully delivering a website, or deploying a mobile app is of utmost importance. Our team can help ensure long term success with our extensive maintenance services.

Happy Clients

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Why Build a Website for your Business in 2019?

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