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Cămara Străveche

“A young, strong team that can adapt to the requirements regardless of the situation”

– Alexandru Holenciuc, Founder

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About Cămara Străveche

Cămara Străveche appears in 2012 as a family project based on the desire for high-quality Romanian natural products, obtained from organic ingredients. The company located in Semlac, Arad County, distributes products both in the country and abroad.

In 2014, Cămara Străveche is developed through ecological agriculture in order to advance healthy products, as well as to protect the environment against harmful pesticides. Even if the products had a well-developed market in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, or Italy, they decided to expand in Romania. The processing of the products is mostly done by hand, trying to keep the nutrients intact.

Cămara Străveche is dedicated to preserving the company’s values, ie in promoting and educating the market with a healthy lifestyle. Mass production was never something that was wanted, but from the very beginning, it was about quality, not quantity. The products are obtained from our own cultures without resorting to other suppliers to ensure the quality of the products. For the production process, a grain mill with stones of Austrian origin, an extruder for fluffs is used and the oil is obtained by cold pressing. All products belonging to the Old Chamber are tested and verified according to TUV Austria.

Project Challenges

Cămara Străveche wanted personalized labels that express the refinement of traditional products as well as a website where people can learn more about their organic goods and have the opportunity to buy online from their desktop, tablet, or phone.

Our challenge was to create a well-designed website to bring together people who value health and a select range of quality products. To reflect the values of natural products, a logo has been designed that combines the sun’s energy with plant naturalness.

In order for the Cămara Străveche brand to be complete, a social media page was created so that customers are always up to date with the latest news and recipes.