How do you promote yourself online?

by | Jul 26, 2023

We are in a century of speed, where everyone expects to have everything at a click or a touch away, leading to the explosion of the online market. Many entrepreneurs have realized the potential of the online marketplace and have taken the step of setting up an online store. Do not know how to take this step? Let us help you. Online sales have increased exponentially lately amid the pandemic, but also amid the digitalization of the population.

We find online stores “at every step,” especially if they are properly promoted online. The online store is a website where the trader presents his products or services for sale and buyers (potential customers) could choose and purchase the desired product or service. An advantage is also the possibility of online payment. An online store has the possibility to be open “non-stop”, 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly, decreases personnel costs, if we compare with the number of employees required to operate a classic store, rent payment is almost non-existent, comparison between products and their prices is very easy, sorting them by certain criteria is easy. You can have a very well-developed website that looks good and works very well but does not have sales.

Online promotion plays a key role in sales. Ads can be remarkably effective, especially when promoting an online store. The most used promotion platforms are Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Of course, we are talking about a paid online promotion, to reach the target audience (potential customers) you need to pay. Unlike other promotion techniques, paid promotion methods offer the possibility to measure performance, concretely, see exactly what works, what you do wrong or where you could invest more money.

Here is a graph with the most chosen paid online promotion platforms.