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How to Build a Business Website all by your Self

by | Jul 30, 2019

How to Build a Website all by yourself?

First Things First on How to Build a Website. 

Building a website technically isn’t as hard as it looks. Really. It isn’t rocket science. But before thinking about building a website you need to clear your mind for a second. Why is that important? A website without a purpose is a sloppy website. Who needs a bad website? No one.

So, the first step is to think clearly why you need to a website for your business. It may be that you want your customers to find you easily, your maybe you want to engage with your audience, or maybe have your customers buy things you listed online. Anyway, don’t forget that starting with the right purpose on your mind is of outmost importance.

Working with a Graphic Designer

Can you build a website all by your own? Well, the answer to that question is yes and no. If you need a test website just to test the waters, the answer might be yes. However, if you need a website with an appealing look then you should consider working with a graphic designer.

You know what they say. Small things matter the most. When you are ready to build a website, you should first consider building a great logo. A logo that sticks in the mind of customers and immediately makes them think of you. A logo that suits your business image. A logo that relates to you. This aspect is also important design wise. Styles, colors and shapes of your website must be in accordance and complete harmony with your website if you are to build an appealing website. A good-looking website. A decent place where your customers are going to feel confrontable engaging with your content.

Watch Tutorials on how to do it

Now that you know the first thing you need to consider while asking yourself how to build a website, it’s now time to further discuss the matter. First, calm down and take a deep breath. The next step is rather easy.

Surf YouTube and type how to build a website. I am serious. Just do it. You need to find a channel that guides you step by step how to build a website. Trust me. It’s not that hard. Just to supplement this new need of yours, I build a YouTube Channel where you’ll have a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a website. Here is the first episode of the series “ How to Build a Website”: Don’t forget to like it and subscribe.

Choosing a Domain Dame

Now after you saw some of my videos and got more comfortable all concepts on how to build a website, let’s introduce a new one. Now when you go to your browser and are typing ‘’ or whatever, you are actually typing a domain name. So you need to buy a domain name. You guessed it!

Just google godaddy and buy a short domain name, and one that is easy to remember. Having a good domain name also contributes to the image of the business. You don’t want to buy a long tail domain name like, trust me. Just come up with something shorter and memorable like:, just saying…

Choosing a Hosing Provider

The next step is choosing a Hosing Provider. Well what’s that? Think of the hosing as a virtual space where all pages and articles and images of your website are kept. Since you’re building your first websites, it doesn’t really matter which Hosting Provider you may be using. Maybe try BlueHost. I don’t know…

Choosing the right Theme

Nowadays, websites are built using visual composers. This means that you are going to use your mouse to click and drag elements. Like, let’s say you need a text box or a contact form or an image. All you really need to do is search for the element you need in list and position it with your mouse. The theme I am going to use in all my tutorials on YouTube is DIVI. Go to their website and grab it.

Building a website vs. Maintaining a Website.

You should know that building a website is one thing and it requires a bit of technical knowledge while maintain a website you need marketing knowledge. Digital Marketing knowledge to be more specific.

If you just want to know how to build a website just so you can show off your friends and display in on your social media profiles like tomorrow, you need you know that you are so wrong. You are wrong if you expect to see customers storming your website and fulfill the scope you created your website when you first started thinking about it.

Getting customers to land on your website takes hard work. Just think about it. How did you land on my website? You’re right! You clicked the link that brought you to my website. It’ and article. I wrote an article just so you can read it get valuable information and in the same time help me fulfill the scope of my website too. It’s something like help me help you, a win-win situation. You need to create content. Real content. Original Content. Now that’s a topic for another episode, and I just wanted to make sure you got the idea and understood the subtle difference.

In conclusion, it is not a hard thing to try to learn how to build a website all by yourself, and there are a ton of online resources online. However, if you need something professional right now, drop me a line at [email protected] or just check my latest youtube video:


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