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Frequent questions

What does Branding mean in the 21st century?

Branding is what creates the uniqueness of your company and defines you as an entity. Anyone can buy a product and sell it with a trade markup, but not just anyone is Lidl, Kaufland or another retail store. Developing a brand creates trust in the minds of customers.
Today, an original name and a beautiful logo are no longer enough to attract the attention of modern customers. Add the pandemic created by COVID-19 and you will get a situation where it is very difficult to be relevant and known.
Today, Branding means a clear message that speaks of the company’s values ​​and a well-defined purpose. This message must go beyond visual perception and remain strongly imprinted in the minds of your customers.

How do you do Social Media?

According to online studies, 68% of interviewed users are convinced that big brands do not create quality social media content.
In times of crisis, smart entrepreneurs pay close attention to social media trends and create content that is relevant, impactful and sprinkled with elements of humor.
But for this we need to know what our customers value. A customer trusts another customer more than the brand itself, the researchers say. This fact makes him much more attentive to the perception of others – the closer to him, who have experienced your brand.
That’s why you need to create dynamic content that involves customer feedback and even prompts them to generate content about you. This will amplify your social media impact.

5 Advantages of a well-built website

Today anyone can create a website with minimal cost, using the templates available online. But what are the advantages of a well-made website? – we will not, now go into details about what a well-made website means, we will deal with this topic in a future article.
1. Firstly, it is indexing for search engines – a well-made website is indexed higher by search engines. That means more visitors interested in the products or services you market.
2. Secondly, it is about accessibility – the structure of the website must lead the visitor as simply as possible to the object of his search. I have visited many very elegant websites with superior graphics, but which were difficult to navigate due to the crowding of information displayed.
3. Third is the design. Custom graphic design will lift you out of mediocrity and position you are superior. All elements must be unified and blend in the same style and theme.
4. Fourth is the user interface. Most users use a mobile device and for this reason your website must be easily accessible from any device.
5. The fifth advantage is the security of you and your customers. What you want is for all users of your website to feel safe, with no qualms about using personal data or bank cards when paying online.

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