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Founded in 2018 by Laurențiu Culda, initially with a focus on raspberries, Zmura has constantly evolved, developing new products such as creamy and flavored puddings with chia, a nutrient-rich superfood. With a variety of natural flavors such as mango, raspberry, chocolate, peanut butter and cherry, Zmura products are popular with customers and distributed in stores, cafes and online.
For those at Zmura, quality is essential, so they carefully choose raw materials and collaborate with reliable partners, including the Mega Image and Profi store chains. At Zmura, the future means expansion, development of product ranges and more investments in technology and marketing. Raspberries are a source of inspiration and satisfaction for customers, promoting a healthy and flavorful diet.

A soul project

The website is one of our soul projects. Our starting need was to create a website that represents the brand and to develop an attractive and easy-to-navigate online platform that provides detailed information on the variety of products and allows customers to locate the nearest points of distribution. In the implementation process, we insisted on ensuring a pleasant user experience on various devices. We overcame the technical hurdles and completed a functional and aesthetic website that reflects the essence of Zmura products, bringing them closer to potential customers. We are proud to see the result, an attractive and easy-to-use website that meets the demands and desires of our customers in search of authentic and healthy taste.

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