Project Management Book for WordPress Developers

Managing a WordPress Start-up Business shouldn’t be a Nightmare. Learn how to Start an Run a Successful WordPress Web Design Business. Grab a copy Today and give your Start-up Business a Winning Chance!

Essentially you will get you practical advice on how to Manage a WordPress Start-up Business and: 

*How to Prospect Clients more efficiently
*How to better Asses Client’s Needs
*How to handle Sales Objections
*How to construct a Profitable Pricing Strategy
*How to Calculate your Hourly Rate at which your Business is still profitable
*How to Close Sales faster
*A bit on Business Contracts
*How to Handle Late Payments and get paid faster and Secure Payments
*How to construct a better Project Management Strategy to get the job done faster
*How to Cross-Sell your Services and get more Recommendations

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