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Modular Isoroofing.

“Unique in their creation. Successfully implements customer ideas and requests”

– Nagy Claudia, Owner

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About Isoroofing
Modular Isoroofing is a company with over 15 years of experience in the field of construction, continuing the legacy of over 40 years of what means a well-done building, which passes the test of time as the first accomplishment.
In order to promote the business, the entire Modular Isoroofing brand was born. The company mainly deals with: waterproofing, finishes, and PVC floors.
The facade of a renovated house is a business card for both the owner and the team that made the project. The texture and colors chosen for the project must be applied strategically in order to obtain the ideal result, able to satisfy both protection and aesthetic requirements.
PVC floors and PVC linoleum floors are a new type of flooring that have excelled in design but also in terms of superior features compared to classic floors in terms of durability, seamless joints, uniformity, antibacterial, conductive and antistatic properties, aswell in terms of thermal and sound insulators.
Our challenge
The client asked us for a simple and clean design that which would be present both in the brand logo and in the presentation website. the presentation website. We tried to highlight their experience in the field but also the innovation of their technologies used in insulation.