Main types of logos

by | Jul 26, 2023

Everyone knows what a logo is or can identify a logo, just for this purpose it was created.
Or maybe it’s something more than what the eye sees?
I invite you to enter together into the world of the most valuable logos of all time and classify the main types of logos in existence.

But first you should consider some basic requirements that a logo must meet:

  • First of all, it is uniqueness or originality to differentiate itself from the rest of the brands existing on the market. This requires a lot of creativity and inspiration.
  • The second requirement is memorability in order to remain firmly imprinted in the mind of the viewer or client. If the first requirement was difficult, it is much more complex. This requires simple, common elements and frequent interaction with your customers.
  • The third basic requirement is versatility. Unfortunately, this is most often violated. The correct logo should be as legible in its negative version as in its positive version. Also, a good logo will be recognizable even at very small sizes, for example on the Facebook page where the space allocated for the company logo is quite small or on a larger object such as a banner, T-shirt, a light box or on a flyer.

To comply with this third requirement there is a simple way to check the logo even yourself, without the help of a specialist. Try fitting it into a circle. Then in a square. If you fail or are not satisfied with the appearance, then you should think about improving it.

Below are the main logo types:

1. Abstract symbol

It is an abstract geometric shape. If you choose this type of logo to represent your business, you are not restricted in any respect, and you can create a truly unique logo. Among the famous examples of brands that have chosen a logo as an abstract symbol we find the circle divided from the famous drink Pepsi or the logo of the multinational Adidas that produces various sporting goods. Here we can also add the Chevrolet car brand.

2. Mascot

Or mascot logos are illustrated characters that represent the company in a cute, funny, cartoonish and colorful way. Mascots are great for companies that want to attract families and children, thereby creating a friendly atmosphere. As an example, we can give here the French company Bic which produces writing objects and lighters. Another example is the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast-food chain, illustrated by Colonel Sanders. The world’s largest tyre manufacturer also has a mascot logo, namely Michelin.

3. Combo symbol

It can be a logo consisting of a combination such as an abstract symbol or a mascot and text. After a while, people will associate the symbol or mascot with your brand, and you don’t need to include its name. For example, the Lidl chain of stores has a logo suitable for this section. Another well-known example that chose such a logo is sports car manufacturer Ferrari, a company founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. If we were to add an example from the food industry, it would be the American fast-food chain, Burger King.

4. Word logo (or wordmark)

It is listed as being among the easiest to achieve. It usually focuses only on the company name. Choosing the right font and colors will make your brand a memorable one. The much-famous soft drink under the name Coca-Cola, sold in more than 200 countries, chose this logo design. Another example would be one of the leading toy manufacturers, namely, the famous Lego brand. We cannot fail to add here the Google company that manages the Internet search engine that has the same name.

5. Monogram logo (lettermark)

It is usually an abbreviation of very long brand names such as TVR (Romanian Television Company) or the initials of the brand such as the Hewlett-Packard company known as HP, specializing in the production of computers, servers or software products. HBO, which broadcasts original and cinematic films, also chose a monogram logo.

6. Logo symbol

It is a logo based on a simple symbol. The most important aspect when you decide you want such a logo is choosing the image that fully represents you. Your logo should be so good that you don’t need anything else for others to recognize your company. We take as an example the banking group ING present worldwide represented by a lion or the American company Nike that sells sports and clothing goods, recognized by a check mark. The social network Instagram also has a symbol logo that illustrates a camera.

7. Logo emblem

It is most often used at schools or government organizations, but not only, representing a font inside a symbol. The automotive industry is also attracted to this type of logo, and as an example we can give here the company BMW, a multinational manufacturer of cars, motorcycles and aircraft engines founded in 1916. One of the world’s leading universities, namely Oxford University in England, also adopts this logo style. This includes the logo of the television character Superman.

Whatever your choice of logo, Isidor’s Software Solutions is at your disposal with a whole team of specialists, so that your brand image represents you as well as possible.