How do you know it’s time for a new logo?

by | Jul 26, 2023

Visual identity represents all those graphic and visual elements that compose a brand (logo, images, fonts, colors, creative design) and are designed in such a way as to convey messages about the mission, philosophy and values of the company.
Visual identity creates an emotional connection between brand and audience, and this will cause 57% of consumers to spend more on a product, just because the perceived message is to their liking.

The logo is a defining element for a brand.

Many factors that define the logo have a major impact on the human psyche and on a consumer’s purchasing behavior. That’s why it’s essential to know when it’s time for a logo change.
Color, for example, draws attention to it by up to 80% and can transform the brand, giving it uniqueness and memorability.

Your logo is more important than you think

Yes, your logo is more than just a symbol of your business!
Why? Because it creates a first impression, attracts attention, differentiates you from the competition and attracts the loyalty of those you interact with.

Why change something that is already known?

It’s probably the most frequently asked question when discussing restoring a logo.
Not infrequently, this process is viewed with fear by the administrators of a business, because it entails changes in presentation materials, product packaging, along with an unknown measure of how it will be perceived by the audience.
The logo redesign process is not something to be taken lightly, and as a marketing and design agency we understand even better the impact that a new logo can have on the consumer of a brand.
Statistics say that it is important to evaluate the way your brand communicates, implicitly the logo, once every 3-5 years, and large companies do this once every 10 years. Even if there is no written rule, it is certain that a change of image will bring you to the attention of the desired audience.
Companies go through the process of refreshing their visual identity, being a natural process, defined by rethinking the brand’s positioning strategy on the market, trends (technology, design), but also consumer behavior.

The positive impact that a new logo can have

Even if at a first impression, a new logo can mean time and money invested, there are strong arguments and advantages that such a process offers to a company:

  • Offers a new, fresh look and redefines the image of a company
  • Provides a sense of improvement in the services offered
  • Eliminates the negative impression that the previous logo might have created
  • It can increase the number of potential consumers due to the fact that it is trending and communicates better with them

How do you know you need a logo redesign for your business?

Answer the questions below:
  • Has your business changed or expanded?
  • Has your audience expanded?
  • Is the current logo outdated or was it created by an amateur?
  • It’s not as exciting as the competition’s
  • It’s too general or clichéd

What a successful redesign logo means for large companies

According to the article HERE, we present you two of the great companies that have enjoyed a successful redesign:

1. Coca-Cola – a visionary brand

Coca-Cola is the global symbol of joyful and refreshing moments spent in the company of friends. Personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and Frank Sinatra were caught sipping a Coca-Cola.
But they earned this position not just through a simple logo or packaging.
Coca-Cola is the perfect example of how to build your brand from consumer emotions. The strategy brought the company to the level it is today and to the most recognizable brand worldwide.
Looking at the two logo designs, the one from 2003 and today’s one that was reworked in 2007, the differences are clear. In the 2003 version, Coca-Cola added attention-grabbing elements and emphasized the bright and refreshing taste of the drink.
The new 2007 logo has been streamlined to keep up with current trends, but still familiar enough to pay homage to classic design.

When you look at changes, you can understand their subtlety. The brand wanted to remain recognizable but wanted the redesign to be different enough to have a strong impact.
A cleaner and more minimalist approach, using the same font logo from 2007 had more breathing space in the design, simpler ribbons and lighter letters.
The current logo is certainly the story of a successful redesign that brought visible changes, but still retains the distinctive elements of the brand and can still be recognized by consumers.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks centered its redesign around the 40th anniversary of roasting and serving the best quality coffee in the world.
The changes were simple but effective, and brand recognition remained strong through the changes

The old logo had the word sign surrounding the mermaid, and now, in the new logo, this verbal sign has completely disappeared. The mermaid itself is easily recognizable from a distance, and people know Starbucks by that creative siren — it needs no further introduction.
Another major change is in the color scheme that has completely changed. Now the mermaid is green, and the background is white. This decision aligns design well with current minimalist trends in the design industry.

What do our customers say about the redesign?

The manufacturer ZMURA, known for its healthy breakfast products, is the customer who decided it was time for a new image. The company grew, and positive changes needed to be celebrated!

“With the expansion of the business, we wanted to improve the brand image, to make our products even easier to recognize by customers everywhere. For this, we turned to ISIDORS, whom we can only thank! They have been with us since the beginning, they perfectly understood our values and needs and managed to build a new and representative image for ZMURA.”
Laurențiu Culda, Founder

If through the above arguments we convinced you that you need a change of look in terms of image for your business, come to a discussion with us