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by | Jan 22, 2019

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Calculating the right Hourly Rate you need
to charge your clients while growing
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Calculating the right Hourly Rate you need
to charge your clients while growing
your business, was never easier.

Get your Hourly Rate Calculator Today!

The Wannabe Entrepreneur’s Block

Hourly Rate Calculator. Why? In the first place, starting a new business or a Freelancer Career can be quite difficult sometimes with or without an Hourly Rate Calculator. For instance, you have a lot of questions you don’t know the answer to yet, but you did it anyway. Thus, you jumped off the cliff and know are preparing the landing strategy in midair. Henceforth, welcome to the club! What can I say? For some may say your signing your own sentence to death. But your guts tell you that you’re making the right thing. It’s like you’ve been made for this thing.

So, you’re now in midair thinking on a successful landing. Need not to say nothing of the comfort of your job that is gone with the wind now. Because you don’t have a secured income string. And your boss is not assuring a constant flow of work anymore. Are you getting scared? You should perhaps. But why? Well it don’t matter. Therefore, , overcome the fear. Because, you’re up to something bigger than yourself and you know it and the world shall see it. To put it another way, they say that entrepreneurship is about consistency, so don’t come around and say you’re a weekend hustler. You’re either all in with all your heart or you’re all out. Got it? It’s that simple.

A fresh Start

Eventually, back on earth with the foot, don’t forget to always keep your head up high in the clouds of the seeming success where all your dreams have already come true. And what do you do now? Where to start? Who to ask help from? Where to go to? They made it alright. Then, you should be able to make it to. But how? Starting this journey already gave you a clear advantage in the pursuit of your unfailing success. You stuck? Good. It means you hit the sweet spot of your next development stage. Are you ready?

Sell. Sell. Sell.

After you have successfully launched your business the single most important thing that will keep it afloat and eventually blossom into a profitable venture, is selling. In due time, you cannot succeed without crushing it day and day out by selling. Similarly, if you’re like me, you might actually hate selling. But you know what? I am doing it anyway because you cannot possibly succeed without selling. Generally speaking, selling means cashing in. Without cash, your business freezes and your operations become no operations in no time. So, if you really want to keep your business against all odds, you’d better start crank it up.

Above all, if you’re asking how to start selling, well that’s an easy one. First, don’t forget that selling it’s a numbers game and it works. Trust me. Second, you got to email, cold call, text, do whatever it takes to get some leads. However, if you really don’t believe me, take Yelp.com call, request a quote, or email 200 companies and see how many do respond. Does it work now? You might get one client that really wants your business, but that’s how it’s done for ages and it works. It really does. Don’t even think about any Hourly Rate Calculator if your selling mechanism of your business is dead. First, you need to sell. After your selling works fine. Then it’s time to adjust your hourly rate as much as you want.

Why should you calculate your hourly rate?

So, you got through the first months or even the first year but at this point you notice something. Either you’re not working hard enough or you’re not charging your clients enough for your work. In other words, you got to get sincere with yourself and think about it. Which one it is. If you’re not working hard enough, you must. But if you’re not charging your clients enough how can you tell?

Myself I once got to this point to… I realized that even though I had a big fat hourly rate in my own understanding after closing the month, I still kind of made no money. Why? Simply because I haven’t put into my hourly rate all my operating expenses, all my taxes, and the actual hours that I’d really be working.
Just think about it a bit. Does your hourly rate comprise your marketing costs, does it reflect that from 160 hours that you’d be working a month you’re charging to client only 120? If not, you’ve been calculating your hourly rate wrong for all this time.

How to solve the problem using an Hourly Rate Calculator?

Eventually, what I did for myself to fix this problem was to create an Hourly Rate Calculator that would take into account my taxes, my payroll, everything my salary includes up to the payday, the actual time spent working so I’ll know I computed my hourly rate the right way.
Therefore, if you’re a wannabe Entrepreneur or a Freelancer just starting your career, make sure you take a look at my hourly rate calculator so you can make enough money to succeed by getting your hourly rate right even from the start.

In conclusion, remember that having an Hourly Rate Calculator to compute your real Hourly Rate that you need to charge your clients it’s a step forward in becoming a better business man or a better freelancer. Get your today and don’t forget to check our other articles here !

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