Arad: The story behind the event “A day with my father”

by | Jul 26, 2023

The story behind the event “A day with my father” in Arad

What did the preparation period of the event mean

Event day: 7 May, Arad

The story behind the event “A Day with my father” began for us through the invitation of Aradul Fericit to join the team and support them in promotion, both online and offline.
What could be more beautiful than a few hours spent in nature, full of educational and fun activities for parents and their children, accessible to everyone for free?
And because it was a truly memorable day, we want to tell you what it meant for ISIDORS to be marketing partners and active participants in the project.
Such an initiative for the city of Arad seemed extraordinary from the start and as we could see from the reactions of the followers on the organization’s social media pages, it was extremely well received by them as well. We were pleasantly impressed to see how the news about the event spread so quickly, and our efforts were rewarded by the favorable response of the people.
The organization behind “A Day with Daddy” began long before the appointed date. There were dozens of phone calls and a lot of logistical details, all carefully planned, meetings and meetings with each party involved in the project, so that everything went as smoothly as possible, and visitors enjoyed activities and experiences as much as possible.
The ISIDORS promotion team functioned according to a well-established calendar, we knew exactly what we had to do, and we quickly found our place in preparing and informing about the workshops, shows, competitions in which it will be possible to participate. Likes and shares began to grow and soon the Arad community knew about the activities that would take place in Europa Park.
The day started with a lot of energy. Being present in Europa Park even in the morning, we could see the dozens of volunteers who were actively involved, with a smile on their faces and very eager to help the participants install their stands, indicating to each one where his activity will take place. Everything was very well planned! I had the impression that the park had turned into a big living room where a party with best friends was going to take place and even if the event was large, no one was stressed or rushed.
Who would have imagined that in those few hours, no less than 18,000 parents and children would pass through the alleys of the park. Younger or older children, with smiling faces and bright with delight, with hands full of greeting cards or figurines made by them, sweets purchased from the stands, happily greeted other foreign participants. Joy animated everyone, so everyone was kind to everyone, and the atmosphere was rare. The activities were so varied that it was impossible for any child to get bored, to the joy of the parents. The only sad faces were those who arrived too late and could not find the desired workshops.

“When is another meeting like this held?” in Arad

It’s the question we heard at the end of the day and in the week that followed.
So? When, Happy Arad?
Because we can’t wait to relive the excitement and positive rewarding emotions once again with you. ♥
This is the image we are left with, and we are convinced that everyone has a beautiful story from “A Day with my father”!


Arad, a day with my father