our values

The honour is God's.

Our faith is God and our work must honour Him. Therefor, we do not capitulate in front of any social, political or economic situation.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly learning from interacting with our customers and their feedback each and every day. We are keen on studing cutting edge technologies and implementing them in our work.

The team makes a difference

Because we know our most important asset is our team, we are constantly investing in it. Our work output is the sum of all team members, of everyone’s compound effort.

Work our passion

To us, work is a contagious passion. Thus we work hard and we play hard.

We deliver excellence

We are always in the pursuit of excellence with each project, and we won’t stop until we exceed all expectations.

our team

Cristian Miculiț

Chief Executive Officer

Emanuel Isidor

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Fondator

Daniel Olah

Chief Designer

Silviu Isidor

Dev, Co-Fondator

Rebeca Isidor


Cristina Blaj


Andrei Pușcaș


Denis Mariș


Our history

Our company was founded in 2016 to bring fresh ideas to life in the online setting. We saw a discrepance beween online and offline branding image at that time, so we figgured out we can address this stringent need. Moving your business online happens at a rigiculous high peace nowadays and a lot of entrepreneurs are feeling overwhelmed by intense rivarly across industries, appearently invisible so far.

Our passion for work is so contagious that our team quickly grew to 8 members and does so each year. Information technology is constant changing challenging us to surpass our limits so our clients can enjoy the use of cutting edge tech. Along with cutting edge tech, we’re trying to deliver our projects featuring a meaningful graphic design that serves well each customer’s scopes and values.